Hi, I am Charlotte, the founder of EMMA MY LOVE.


Working as a design manager for some well known brands in Germany

I was traveling a lot, had several meetings the day and, by simply saying, I was always on the go.

At the end, or ofter even in the middle of the day, my mobile was completely out of battery

and to organize "whatever" was hardly possible. 


In the year 2015 I got pregnant and my little girl EMMA was born.

This new LOVE in my life changed everything.

She was able to show me what I really want! So I took my decision;

to quit my  job, to found a company and to finally work on my first OWN collection.

What a great feeling!


The idea was to develop high quality handbags. They should not only be 

high fashioned but need to be functional as well. 


That was the beginning for EMMA MY LOVE handbags.

 A collection with a great material mix of different leather types,

rock elements and elegant detailing.

A collection for real power girls!


Enjoy the soft real leather qualities I choose for the bags,

feel the power of every 10.000mAh Power Bank inside

and just get in love with it.


Warm regards,





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